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Grain Cleaner Manufacturer in India

Aysha Engineering Works – a well known and leading manufacturer of grain cleaning machines in India. The company has expertise in offering a wide range of high-quality products which are famous for its great speed and functionality, low cost of maintenance, smooth designs and well-built infrastructure also. The company manufactures products that can easily meet the requirements of clients easily. The company gives much importance to the requirements of clients and deals with them skillfully and maintain a long term relation with them as well. The company is onto the same business for many years and carries a good bond with their existing clients which make it the best platform to buy effective machinery.

The company mainly focuses on the quality and effectiveness of the product. Thus, with the help of skilled and devoted staff, it offers high-class products at an affordable price. The company keeps a regular check on the performance and effectiveness of all products. It also gained a lot of appreciation from its clients that make it one if the best platforms to buy effective machinery.Aysha Engineering Works - Authenticated Grain Cleaning Machine Manufacturer

Here at Aysha Engineering Works, we first understand the need and preference of our consumers then offers products accordingly. The same is with the Grain Cleaning machines. All the machines by Aysha engineering ill are able to offer high and quality results at your doorstep. The Grain Cleaner by Aysha Engineering Works has different important parts Sortex Machine and Destoner.

Sortex Machine

Here at Aysha Engineering works, we offer and manufactures sortex machines of high quality that can easily meet the requirements of our consumers. The machines that we manufacturer always meets the standard of our consumers and their needs as well. The Sortex machine carries following applications

  • Sorting different types of grain like rice, Dal, Pulses and much more
  • Sorting burned, flecked, deceased kernels.


Destoner is one more field into which the Aysha engineering works a deal. The company offers a wide range of desotoner and that too of high quality. These are used for the following applications:

  • Cleaning of paddy, wheat, green coffee, cereals, various pulses and crushed products.
  • Extracting weighty particles from a huge quantity of light material and help those in purification and adding weight. The company also manufactures customized Grain Cleaner to satisfy particular requirements of the customers.


  1. The most efficient vibratory motion using a pair of top quality operation makes weight vibro-motors unstable.
  2. All working deck rests on flexible springs and is cautiously manufactured to ensure kinetic mobility.
  3. The vacuum operated segment is completely incorporated and all openings like seed inlet and outlets and stone free chute are made air tight presenting a well designed and impelled air flow through only the diffuser plate.
  4. The effective hood which is designed perfectly to help in air suction through the working deck and at the same time removes air with minimum losses. Large coated windows are on the hood to exercise real-time functionality power. In the case of mesh cleaning sufficient hand-holes are provided.
  5. A Special heavy gauge wire mesh offers longevity as compared to commercial carbon steel mesh.
  6. All controls like air volume, deck inclination, projection angle etc. are easy changes and placed such that user can exercise real-time power over the procedure while the machine is functioning.

Rill Machine

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