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Vibro Destoner

Aysha Engineering- a renowned name when it comes to the industry of Vibro destoner. With the help of highly skilled and experienced teams, Aysha Engineering Works offer a wide range of Vibro Destoner and Vibro Grader of high quality that can easily meet the needs of clients. Basically, the job of Vibro Destoner is to clean paddy, sack cleaners and remove core impurities from grains. Here, you will get a wide range of products and that too at an affordable price.The job of Vibro paddy destoner is all about cleaning paddy and take away dust, harmful particles and gemstones. In this machine, you will get to see two Vibro motors and screen frame. The fabric is shipped towards the primary machine at a uniform rate.

Via Vibro motors, the device is going to be vibrated in oscillation motion. With the help fo an effective blower mounted on Vibro paddy de-stoner, the paddy is formed within the screen this offer you with the process of better separation of gemstones through the principle of gravity. The mix of paddy and gemstones created from the first separation screen is separated again through the final separation screen. So the gemstones are separated easily from paddy.

Leading Vibro Destoner Manufacturer

With the help of our experience of many years in the same, now we can say that we have become of the leading manufacturers of Vibro destoner. The wide range of effective Vibro destoner will be able to remove impurities like stones, glass and metals. All the machines are manufactured with high quality material, heavy gauge steel that assure the effectiveness and performance of the machine. Because of its time-saving, better cleaning of grains and high productivity, we are a leading manufacturer and best in the list of Vibro Destoner Manufacturers.


  • Vibro Destoner available in 3 deck sieves for better cleaning purposes.
  • It is fixed with vibro motors for high competence cleaning.
  • It offers dust-free operation and remove fine and course impurities by sieving.
  • Vibro Destoner lets no grain wasted as it is composed through the main cyclone.


  • It gives an effective cleaning of all forms of grains.
  • The cost of maintenance is also low.
  • The immature grains are separated in extra yield.
  • Vibro Destoner can be used for grading purposes.

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